Algotherm Spa Products

The History of Algotherm

Created in 1962 by a man fascinated by seaweeds and the ocean, Algotherm is the pioneer brand in the field of marine cosmetics and of thalassotherapy. Integrated within the Groupe Batteur for more than 10 years, the brand benefits from its pharmaceutical background via Laboratories Gilbert as well as its strong power innovation. The identical strength is a guarantee of respect of the highest standards in terms of manufacture. Thus, Algotherm was one of the first cosmetic brands to indicate preemption date on itsproducts, and so to guarantee traceability.


Worried about protecting the wealth of the Ocean, Algotherm makes a commitment to provideyou through its products all the richness, the quality and the efficiency of its invaluable marine ingredients. Numerous precautions are taken to protect seaweeds and not to affect their durability. Algotherm respects in particular the seasonality during the harvest not to perturb theircycle of reproduction. Because by protecting the nature, they protect our future, Algotherm does not test any products on animals.

Finally, Algotherm commits itself for the protection of the planet and for a sustainabledevelopment by means of its FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified packaging for asustainable exploitation of forests, by its boxes 100% recyclable and finally thanks to its cellophane which are 100% biodegradable.

All products are imported from the manufacturing facility in France and are exclusively distributed by Hotel & Spa Essentials in the Philippines.

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