Neutrogena Hotel Products

Neutrogena is one of the most popular consumer brands for beauty and pampering. Neutrogena products are also known for their highest degree of quality and design worthy of luxury hotels. Due to high customer loyalty, Neutrogena offers a unique brand advantage to any luxury hotel.

Hotel & Spa Essentials is a major supplier of Neutrogena Hotel products and supplies in the Philippines.

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List of Neutrogena Hotel Products

  • NEUTROGENA 0.9oz/ 26ml Shampoo Product Code: NE-S26
  • NEUTROGENA 0.9oz/ 26ml Conditioner Product Code: NE-C26
  • NEUTROGENA 0.9oz/ 26ml Shower Gel Product Code: NE-SG26
  • NEUTROGENA 0.9oz/ 26ml Body Lotion Product Code: NE-BL26
  • NEUTROGENA 2oz/ 59ml Shampoo Product Code: NE-S59
  • NEUTROGENA 2oz/ 59ml Conditioner Product Code: NE-C59
  • NEUTROGENA 2oz/ 59ml Shower Gel Product Code: NE-SG59
  • NEUTROGENA 2oz/ 59ml Body Lotion Product Code: NE-BL59
  • NEUTROGENA 50g Bath Soap Product Code: NE-BS50